December, 2023
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Holiday Lights Done Right: Safeguarding Your Roof and Siding 

As December arrives, bringing the festive season to Iowa, many of us are excited to adorn our homes with twinkling holiday lights. While these decorations can create a magical atmosphere, it’s important to install them in a way that protects your home’s roof and siding. A1 Roofing and Construction, LLC brings you essential tips for safely hanging holiday lights, ensuring your home remains damage-free and dazzling. 

Choose the Right Lights: 

Start by selecting lights that are suitable for outdoor use. Check for a safety certification label from an accredited organization. LED lights are a great choice as they are energy-efficient and emit less heat. The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers guidelines for choosing safe holiday lights. 

Use Safe Fastening Methods:** 

Avoid nailing or stapling lights directly into your roof or siding, as this can cause damage. Instead, use plastic clips and hangers designed specifically for holiday lights. These are gentle on your home’s exterior and easy to install and remove. Home improvement resources like Home Depot often provide a variety of suitable fasteners and clips. 

Electrical Safety is Paramount: 

Ensure all extension cords and light strings are in good condition and rated for outdoor use. Avoid overloading electrical outlets and use a good quality power strip with a built-in circuit breaker for added safety. The Electrical Safety Foundation International provides comprehensive electrical safety tips. 

Ladder Safety: 

When hanging lights, always use a sturdy ladder and follow safety guidelines. Have someone assist you by stabilizing the ladder and handing you the lights as needed. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has valuable information on ladder safety. 

Plan Your Design: 

Before you start, plan your light design. Consider the placement of lights and how they will be powered. This will help you avoid unnecessary adjustments and potential damage to your home’s exterior. 

Timers for Convenience and Safety: 

Using a timer for your lights not only adds convenience but also ensures that lights aren’t left on all night, reducing the risk of electrical issues. Timers can be found at most hardware stores or online. 

Post-Holiday Care: 

When the season is over, carefully remove the lights to avoid pulling or damaging your home’s siding or roofing. Properly store your lights to keep them safe and untangled for the next year. 

Decorating your home for the holidays can be a joyful experience. By following these tips, you can enjoy the beauty of holiday lights while keeping your home safe and intact. And remember, if you notice any damage to your roof or siding, call us at 319-610-1721 or click here A1 Roofing and Construction, LLC is here to help with all your repair needs. 

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